Waterworld, Wrexham County Borough

Prior to 2017 Richard King Systems provided specialist sound, audio visual and specialist lighting services at Waterworld for Wrexham County Borough Council including the sound and lighting improvements to the aerobic studio, the upgraded sound system for the fitness gym and digital signage in the fitness gym, reception and cafe.

In 2017 a major refurbishment was untaken. with Richard King Systems completing the following aspects of the project:

  • Installation of the fitness gym sound system to include digital processing for first class sound and instructor ease of use for group exercise sessions
  • Relocation of the main announcement and background music system including expansion to include the new café areas and changing room facliities
  • Expansion and reinstallation of the café and fitness gym tv system
  • Loop system installation at the reception points

In 2019, we completed an upgrade of the poolside sound system for significantly better sound reproduction for group pool exercise sessions.