Ashby Wesley Methodist Church, Lincolnshire

Ashby Wesley Methodist Church, Lincolnshire and the adjoinng newly built Celebration Hall are the centre of a thriving Methodist community.

As part of the drive to modernise the facilities provided, the church property committee invited a selected number of audio visual and sound specialists to submit proposal schemes for consideration. The brief was to include for a comprehensive upgrade of the church sound system with projector facilities and a completely new AV and sound system in the hall. The system designs submitted by Richard King Systems were chosen.

From 2016 and into 2017 the project included:

  • State of art digital mixer for live band service accompaniment with speech and recorded music reproduction
  • Digital system processor and amplification
  • Fourteen cabinet specialist loudspeaker system providing even coverage to all required areas including the balcony, choir, organist and the under balcony pews
  • Audio loop system designed, installed and commissioned to meet the recognised standard of IEC 60118-4 2014

In addition, a projector system was installed to operate with the existing screen.

In the adjoining church hall there is a new audio loop induction system and a high quality sound system with simple to use controls integrated with an electric screen and projector

The new facilities have had a significant impact with a typical comment from the pews being “the sound makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up”

"We would highly recommend Richard and his team for their professionalism from start to finish. Planning and installation in the most cost effective way to produce a system that has been a joy to work on."

"The initial teething problems were quickly resolved and the back up service is readily on hand. We look forward to working with you for many years to come."