La Luce Del Sole, Bebbington, Wirral

Opened in 2017, La Luce Del Sole is a stylish Italian Wine Bar/ Restaurant which prides itself on its great atmosphere.

The attention to detail in the interior design included the integration of a comprehensive commercial audio system to provide atmosphere enhancing background music. With the audio installation being built around a digital system processor, music content and volume levels are easily routed, adjusted and controlled.

Top performance is provided through bespoke programming of the system parameters by highly experienced sound engineers. While the system is very user friendly for staff to operate, the customer experience is enhanced by the benefits that the sophisticated electronics bring. These include clear high-fidelity sound evenly spread with high quality commercial grade loudspeakers for increased customer comfort and enjoyment.

Sunlight Restaurant & Bar, Bebington, Wirral

Located just doors away from La Luce Del Sole, The Sunlight Restaurant & Bar has also benefited from the expertise of Richard King Systems to improve the audio facilities.

The sound system improvements were built around a digital system processor, for ease of use while providing optimum performance. This included the facility for visiting acts to be easily able to connect to the house sound system.

In the conservatory, commercial grade loudspeakers have been fitted to provide high quality even sound coverage for customers.