St Ethelwold's Church, Shotton, Flintshire

St Ethelwold's Church was built between 1898 and 1902 to a design by Douglas and Minshull of Chester. The construction costs where partly paid for by the former Prime Minister William Gladstone who had lived locally at Hawarden.

As a Grade II listed building all work at St Ethelwold’s requires appropriately sympathetic and careful consideration before an application for faculty permission from the St Asaph Diocese Chancellor. With a proven track record of many successfully completed projects within the St Asaph Diocese Richard King Systems were one of the professional audio specialists invited to submit design proposals for improving the sound system facilities at the church.

As part of the submission process Richard King Systems presented a scheme of proposals to the Parochial Church Council for significantly improved audio performance while remaining within the available budgetary constraints. Having assessed and considered the differing submissions Richard King Systems were selected to take the project forward.

The completed installation produces a very noticeable audible improvement but with minimal visual impact with high performance yet discrete loudspeakers blending well with the church stonework. Modern, physically small but efficient microphones, with high quality electronics and amplification all combine in communicating clear intelligible speech reproduction to the congregation and choir areas. In addition to the best in class product selection is the high standard of installation. Cable fitment is discrete and sympathetic to the visual impact any installation can have on the look of a church.

Working to recognised standards the required works were carried out without any alteration to the church services diary, completed on time and within budget.